Our story

FORTARO® has its origins in the timely and cultural relevance of today, based on our day to day needs that transcend time and location. “A sound mind in a sound body” is what the greatest civilizations from our history understood early enough and well enough to be able to develop, be victorious and enjoy life.
Today, the same remains true. Our current culture and lifestyle asks much from our body, extracting up to the last resource of energy and health for us to keep on functioning and succeeding.


FORTARO® is the name of a combination of both, the strength we need to have that sound body and nourish our sound mind, and need to nourish our body to achieve the same.

FORTA, from the latin fortis means brave, and comes from fort, which stands for a fortified defense. Traditionally, we have defended our cities with man-made walls and nature obstacles as mountains and rivers.

ARO in latin means “to cultivate or plow”. When together they stand for cultivating a defense for our body and mind.

FORTARO® replicates the functions of this fortified defense, and is brought to you in the form of a vitamin supplement which contains ampli-D®. This helps you to maintain a healthy immunity, strengthen your bone system and more importantly, be here in mind and body.
Are you ready to unleash your full potential and support your soundness in mind and body?


Take it today, to win against challenges of today and tomorrow

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