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Vitamin D supports a healthy immune system

Vitamin D is well known for supporting healthy bones and strong muscles. It plays an important role in our immune system, too. Clinical studies show vitamin D can reduce the risk of acute respiratory infections such as viral infections.

More and more health care professionals are recommending the health benefits of vitamin D. In addition to strengthening the immune system, vitamin D supports healthy pregnancies, blood pressure, and blood sugar management. Vitamin D has been shown to help our bones absorb calcium, reducing the risk of bone fractures. 

It’s not easy to get enough vitamin D

We get up to 90% of our vitamin D naturally from sunlight. But, these days, we’re spending even less time outdoors. Few foods provide the vitamin D we need, and ordinary dietary supplements can take months to build up vitamin D levels and be effective.

Vitamin D is known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’ because it is produced when our skin is exposed to sunlight. That’s how we get 90% of our vitamin D. In winter, it can be a challenge to get enough vitamin D. The darker our skin tone and the more sun protection we use, the less vitamin D we produce. But it’s difficult to achieve healthy levels of vitamin D through diet alone. That’s where supplements can help. 

FORTARO® with ampli-D® is 3x faster and more effective than vitamin D3

Regular vitamin D3 supplements need to be converted into a form our bodies can use. Ampli-D® is clinically proven to raise your body’s vitamin D levels faster — in days and weeks, not months. It is the most advanced form of vitamin D available.

Ordinary vitamin D3 gets processed by the liver and converted into calcifediol, which our bodies can circulate and put to work. It’s a slow process that can easily take several months to achieve a healthy vitamin D level in the bloodstream. Ampli-D® is already in calcifediol form, so it is a faster, more effective form of vitamin D. 

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